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DELOUSIL ALOE VERA with vitamin C & E, Peach flavor 500ml

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Product Description

Delousil Aloe Vera with C & E Vitamins
Rich in vitamins and trace elements essential to the body
Stimulation and stimulation of the immune system
Shiny, beautiful and clean skin
Beautiful, strong and rich hair

Delousil Aloe is a nutritional supplement based on Aloe Vera. Contains organic aloe gel. It is available in the form of a drinking solution. Peach flavor

Dosage: Take 20ml with a once-a-day dosing dispenser. It can be consumed as it is, diluted in half a glass of water or juice. Shake the bottle well before each use.

Recommendation (per 20ml): Aloe Vera Gel 200: 1 100mg Vitamin C 60mg Vitamin E 36mg

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